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After Deep research and understanding the demand, We have curated list of courses which are popular amongst the MNCs and have lot of job opportunities.

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We offer certifications in the various IT courses, that will certainly help you to get the best IT jobs in India and abroad. Students who want to expand their knowledge horizons and learn new skill sets can register for our online IT certification courses.

What we do


We provide training in Different IT Courses, This will help individual to upskill themselves and upto date with the latest skills in the Industry.

How we do

Provide the right resources to get the right job you desire for.

For this, we continuously work on you and with you so that you will achieve your goal.


Holistic approach towards providing best learning experience to every individual.


Each individual is different and understanding their learning style is important for excellence.


After course complete we offer Certificate which will confirm your completion of the course.

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Boost Your Career by Learning Skills High in Demand

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Why Choose Us?

It is very important to choose the right course for upskilling. Its even more important to choose the right institute.

We offer the the courses which will help an individual in achieving their career goals. We specialized in providing Job oriented courses to ensure 100 percent placement of our students.

Best Industry Leaders

Specialist in the Microsoft Business Application trainings and Microsoft Cloud Trainings.

Learn Remotely at Your Own Pace

Ever since the Covid Hits, We started remotely making sure we reach to everyone as effectively as in-person trainings.

Professional Certification

We offer a course completion certificate which will ensure you have undergone the best trainings regime to learn the skills.


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Our Job ready approach will help every individual in getting a desired Job

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Gain Confidence with Hands on Project and Real time exposure

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Good Resume is the first step towards getting a Job. Billion Brainz help you creating an effective Resume.

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