Service Offerings

With the advancement in the technology, We are in an era where every thing is fast and moving. To achieve success, one need to tart from early in their life. One need to find their interest before its too late.

Billion Brainz offers a wide range of courses for Students, tailor made based on the interest and latest trends. One can opt for the course based on their interest or what they would like to pursue in their career in future.

In Billion Brainz, We focus on the growth of a student. We help in nurturing the student in all aspects. Help them with the right counselling in the beginning.

Counselling is very important and it helps in understanding the interest of the student as well as provides a better detailed information about the course student willing to opt for.

We have trainers who are specialized in providing trainings to the students. They understand the acumen of the student and create the overall delivery according to the students understanding and grasping capabilities.

During the training, the student will experience exposure to various aspects of coding methodology and can prepare themselves for the better future ahead.

Once the training is completed, students are offered with the certificate as well from Billion Brainz. The proof that they have successfully acquired the specific skillset and learned the language.

Professional trainings are the specialised trainings specially designed for the working professionals.

Professionals who are already working in some organizations can go for this professional trainings.

In Billion Brainz, we understand the needs of the professionals. They would like to go for the course which can assure them a good return in terms of their career growth and help them in getting a good Job opportunity.

We assist all the professional with our Industry focused job strategy. We follow a strategy for a complete career development of the professional.

Starting from joining the course in Billion Brainz to getting the job is a step by step process. One will gradually grow and able to excel in their career.

We offer various services to professionals like assisting them to create an effective resume.

An effective resume is what gives your first impression to the interviewer thus it is very important.

We also have in place Mock Interviews which will help professionals in building confidence and understanding the interview pressure.

This in turn will groom every professional for the actual interviews.

Post completion of the course every professional will get a certificate from Billion Brainz. This is their proof that they have successfully acquired the skills and ready to work on that.

Looking for upskilling your workforce or want to keep upto the pace with the changing technology or interested in building a new team with the latest skillset. We have solution for every need of a corporate.

At Billion Brainz, we offer Live sessions, one can enrol for. You can learn at your pace and at your comfort. You want to learn in office you can do that. Interested in customizing the learning and development of freshers in your organization? Reach out to Billion Brainz.

We have trainers from different industry verticals which will help you in your learning and Development journey. Make your organization capable and confident in the technology front.

At Billion Brainz, we offer the corporate trainings in a customized way, the way the corporate wants.

On campus training, a specially designed training for the students in college. This is a group workshop training for colleges.

Colleges, who wants to upskill their students with the latest skills in the industry can go for this training.

At Billion Brainz, we conduct various workshops dedicated for the colleges at their premises.

In covid times we have curated a complete online platform for such trainings and workshops. Now students can enrol and learn at their own comfort.

Post training every individual will receive a course completion certificate as well. This will boost there confident and they will confidently showcase their skills. All these skills will help them in their college as well as make then ready for the jobs immediately after the college.

Would you like to start your career journey with us?

Our Student focused team will be there 24X7 with you to help you succeed in your goals. 
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