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CH-1 Introduction to Node.JS

·         Introduction

·         The Node.js framework

·         Installing Node.js

·         Using Node.js to execute scripts

CH-2 Node Project

·         The Node Package Manager

·         Creating a project

·         The package.json configuration file

·         Global vs. local package installation

CH-3 Working with Shrink-wrap

·         What is shrink-wrap

·         Working with npmvet

·         Working with outdated command

·         Install NPM Shrinkwrap

CH-4 Asynchronous Programming

·         Asynchronous basics

·         Callback functions

·         Working with Promises

·         Advance promises

·         Using Request module to make api calls

·         Asynchronous Commands

CH-5 HTTP Server with Node.js using API

·         The HTTP protocol

·         Building an HTTP server

·         Rendering a response

·         Processing query strings

·         Processing posted data

·         Building a HTTP Server with Node.JS using HTTP APIs


CH-6 File System

·         Synchronous vs. asynchronous I/O

·         Path and directory operations

·         __dirname and __filename

·         Asynchronous file reads and writes

·         File System & Security

CH-7 Events ,Buffer and Streams

·         Using buffers for binary data

·         Flowing vs. non-flowing streams

·         Streaming I/O from files and other sources

·         Processing streams asynchronously

·         File System and Security

CH-8 Multi processing in Node.JS

·         Working with Child Process API

·         Working with Cluster API for multi-core servers

·         Multi-Processing

CH-9 Express JS

·         The model-view-controller pattern

·         Defining Jade templates

·         Configuring Express

·         Postman configuration

·         Using REST

·         JSON Data

·         Reading POST data

·         CRUD operations

·         Adding middleware

·         Expressjs


·         Getting Started

·         Adding To Your App

·         Exploring The Front-end

·         Sending Live Data Back & Forth

·         Creating The Front-end UI

·         Showing Messages In App

·         Working With Time

·         Timestamps

·         Show Message Time In Chat App

·         Chat application Project

·         SocketIO-Chat

CH-11 Introduction to task Managers

·         Working with gulp

·         Working with grunt

·         Working with unit and E2E testing

·         gulp-grunt

·         Unit-testing-Jest

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