.Net Programming

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This course is a must for anyone who is working in Web development and has a knowledge of C++. If you want to explore field from console app development to web App development you should go for this course.


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Any BTech BCA MCA or fresher who is looking for his career into the Development field should go for this course. This course will help in setting up the base for the future coding knowledge and understanding.

There is no pre requisites for this course.

CH -01 Introduction to .Net

·         Introduction to .Net.

·         Use of .Net.

·         Difference between C++ and .Net

CH-02 Introduction to Visual Studio IDE

·         Introduction

·         What is IDE and what is its use?

·         All about Visual Studio working

·         Projects in Visual Studios

·         Solution Explorer

·         Properties in Visual Studio

CH-03 Begin with Visual Studio IDE

·         Winforms, WPF & Web Projects

·         Interaction with Projects

·         Building and Running Projects

·         Methods, Functions and Routines

·         Libraries

·         Calling other Project Components

CH-04 Connecting with Data

·         Data connections

·         SQL Server Database

·         Tables in SQL Server

·         Stored Procedure calling

·         Getting SQL Data in the Project

·         Other Data Sources


CH-05 C# programming in Visual Studio

·         Introduction to C# vs Visual Basic

·         Programming structure in C#

·         Understanding the different C# components in Visual Studio

CH-06 Starting with WinForms

·         Winforms vs ASP web Pages

·         Exploring the different projects

·         Visual Studio Objects

·         Writing a clean Form code.

CH-07 Web Development with Visual Studio Primer

·         WinForms vs ASP Web Pages

·         Opening and Exploring Projects

·         Visual studio Object

CH-08 A Web Development with Visual Studio Primer

·         Introduction

·         Revisting Winforms vs web forms

·         Form Controls, Custom Controls

·         ASP.NET Development


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